Why the world is waiting for our product

There are over two billion PC’s in use today. Globally, there are over one billion PC gamers and the market continues to grow. eSports is a growing sector, immersive technology and virtual reality is emerging and online gaming and downloading on demand offer exciting developments. The Tesseract is designed to meet the demands encountered in all of these environments and beyond.


Whether you use a conventional keyboard and mouse for input or other types of gaming peripherals such as joysticks, steering wheels or gamepads, they all take time to learn and often require the use of additional buttons to control the features built into the game. Control in the hands of the game player is limited because the device uses a limited number of axes or requires two-handed control.


The Tesseract uses different technology that allows motion in 6 axes, including all rotational axes as well as simultaneous linear motion (motion in a straight line). This is a quantum leap forward in game play.


Full 6–axis control can be achieved smoothly and easily with fluid motion using just one hand if you want.  All the complexity of simultaneous button, keyboard and motion control disappear!


6-axis control enhances the gaming experience exponentially across all skill levels from the casual gamer to the serious player.


Games can be played faster with our controller – absolutely crucial for game play experience.


What else can the Tesseract do

Although primarily developed for gamers, the Tesseract already works in a number of other applications. With further development, our technology could be used in many other sectors such as minimally invasive and remote surgery, engineering and flight simulators and robotics for both the defence and commercial markets.


Playing games in virtual reality

One issue we found with playing games on PC in virtual reality was that nearly all games require the player to use the keyboard. Finding the right keys is difficult and frustrating, especially if you have to keep taking the headset off to find the keys. Now, with the Tesseract you can program all of the games' controls into the controller and just rely on one hand to play for a more immersive feel.

3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Using the Tesseract with 3D CAD software makes editing geometry of models and navigating 3D scenes smoother and easier to use.

Flying drones with ease

The Tessseract can also be used to fly drones and other UAV’s. The unique features of the Tesseract allow drones to be flown with ease and precision. Our technology allows us to convert the drone's movements and controls into key presses which can be mapped into the product.

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